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Why go to the play "Azalea"?

1. Enjoy the subtle nuances reminiscent of the scent of amazing azalea flowers.
2. To appreciate the French humor and charm.
3. To see the production of a play by an outstanding modern playwright.

What determines the truth of the feelings? And how to distinguish love from love? Come to the play "Azalea" to get answers to all these questions.

The author of the play, Yves Zhamiak, is considered one of the best French playwrights of our time. Among his works you can find light entertaining comedies, serious dramas, and grotesque opuses. Both contemporary and historical themes fall into the author's focus. In any case, each of his creations is a thin psychological sketch with an interesting plot.

The play "Azalea" by Zhamiak is successfully performed in theaters all over the world. This lyrical comedy in two acts about how a mature, self-confident man "fell in love" like an inexperienced boy. He can not understand what hides his darling under the mask of a self-sufficient and independent lady? And in general, what suspicious convolutions contain, which in the mornings the mysterious messenger brings to her?

Come to the theater "Wheel" to indulge in the elegiac state of mild sadness, and after a couple of minutes to spin in a whirlwind of truly French passions. This sophisticated clever production is worth watching!

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