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Why should I go to Bad Omens?

1. To hear the band breakthrough of the American metal-scene.
2. Evaluate the unique sound.
3. To visit the historic event, because the team arrives in Ukraine for the first time!

Meet Bad Omens in Ukraine!

It happens that the group is long and hard to succeed. Less common, but it happens that musicians noticed immediately. Moreover, both fans and critics. That's what happened with Bad Property. The idea of ​​the band arose in the vocalist Noah Sebastian in 2013, but for the final formation of the team, another 2 years passed. Then in 2015, four guys gathered together and started work on the first album. So far their single album has been released under the same name Bad Omens. But the fact that it was released by the Sumerian Recocrds label already says a lot about it.

This fall the band will perform in Ukraine for the first time: November 23 in Lviv and November 25 in Kyiv.

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