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Ball in Savoy

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Ball in the Savoy.

Finding himself captured by his own deception, conquering the famous singer - what could be more stupid for fashion journalist Aristide Stenwood? After all, he is a master of lies! That's just with the beautiful Madeleine Thibault all his agility disappears somewhere. Or maybe it's love? Mad cascade of funny adventures, imaginary betrayals and happy reconciliations ...

The Ball in Savoy is one of the most dancing operettas where waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba and, more importantly, the step reign at the same time. For a bright and spectacular stage design, and also for the step to be clearly audible to the audience in the hall, the theater ordered a special coating of unbreakable colored glass with LEDs, one square meter of which can withstand 10 or more dancers simultaneously. And for a fantastic costume defile at the ball, a unique collection of zodiac signs was created.

In the hands of the musicians - cello, double bass, accordion, melody, saxophone, xylophone and percussion. From the stage 15 compositions will be shown, woven into the author's sequence with transitions-overflows between them.

The performance has repeatedly become the winner of many national and international competitions and festivals. According to journalists, the Ball at the Savoy is a magnificent performance full of humor and passion for young people: “The operetta is extremely interesting, stylish, bright, musical, dancing and vocal. You sit, look, and feel not in Kiev, but on some Broadway musical. ”

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