Giselle ballet and gala dinner with the stars of the world ballet in Ikigai

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Give a real holiday to your beloved for All Valentine's Day, along with Ikigai gourmet Japanese restaurant, prima ballerina and Lithuanian Opera Prime Minister Olesya Shaitanova and Jonas Laucias.

Impressive news for gourmets who respect the art of ballet!
Buy a ticket for the Giselle ballet in the front row and get the opportunity to attend a gala dinner at the Ikigai gourmet Japanese restaurant. Special guests of the evening - prima Olesya Šaitanova and Prime Minister Jonas Laucias - young stars of the Lithuanian National Ballet, who play the main roles in this performance.

Take the opportunity to combine a vivid gastronomic experience and emotions from a touching ballet in one incredible day.

A real performance from the chef awaits the guests of the star gala dinner, which juggles with burning ingredients no worse than the soloists of the fire show.

Before your eyes, delicacies such as scallop, lobster and foie gras will be cooked. In addition, guests will taste the variety of rolls and sashimi, which last year became the favorites of restaurant critics. The author’s dessert from the chef will complete the culinary rhapsody. For all guests - welcome-drink.

- The gala dinner will be held on February 15, Ikigai Restaurant.
Beginning at 18:00.

- The performance will take place on February 16, the National Opera of Ukraine.
Beginning at 19:00.

Ticket price for ballet and gala dinner - 4000 UAH.
Number of seats - 10.

Do not miss your ticket to the world of exceptional experiences!

About the performance:

An unearthly feeling: Lithuanian prima ballerina Olesya Shaitanova will show her Giselle in Kiev.

The Parisian ballet Giselle has touched, excited and even driven crazy for 178 years. Outwardly, it is a story about naive first love, betrayal and forgiveness, and at its core is a lyrical metaphor for the immortality of a pure soul. The main character goes crazy, shocked by the betrayal of her beloved, but she remains to live in a world of spirits. Her dance becomes ghostly light - it seems that he still obeys music and air, transferring the viewer to the world of otherworldly beauty.

Giselle is a special role for a ballerina, it does not lend itself to every star. But for Olesya Shaitanova, a young prima of the Lithuanian National Ballet, this party is one of the most important parts. On February 16, the ballerina will show her Giselle on the Kiev stage. Together with her, the future star will perform at the National Opera of Ukraine - soloist of the Lithuanian National Ballet Jonas Laucius. For him, the role of the beloved heroine, Earl of Albert, will be the premiere.

The contrasting and musical Giselle is no less important for art than Swan Lake. The infinity of love is embodied in this performance with the help of pure, like white dresses ballerinas, classical dance. In Giselle, the choreographers Jean Coralli and Jules Perrault approved a whole style - white ballet, and since then this mystical metaphor has captivated generations of spectators on all continents.

Photos of ballet dancers: Alexander Zlunitsin

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