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Why go to the Batumi concert?

1. See a real European show
2. The highlight of the new program "Batumi" will be complex acrobatic and dance numbers: the artists will literally fly above the stage.
3. See the beauty and feel energy of the dance of the great Georgian people ..

Due to inflammatory dances and acrobatic numbers, the "Batumi" choreographic ensemble of Georgia's dance is called "flying Georgians".

The audience is waiting for a real European show: thirty artists and six musicians on the stage, hundreds of luxurious exclusive costumes (by the way, sewn specifically for the new program), Caucasian daggers and Georgian calves, which artists use in dance ... The highlight of the new Batumi program will be Complex acrobatics and dance numbers: Artists will literally fly over the stage.

Batumi Choreographic Ensemble Batumi City Hall was founded in 1990. The author of the ideas and founder was the first director of the ensemble, the famous singer, the honored artist of Adjara, Nodar Surmanidze, the artistic director and chief choreographer - People's Artist of Georgia, the Knight of the Order and the Medal of Honor, the State Prize winner Memede Abashidze, the author of three Georgian stage dances "GANDAGANA" "Hormu "Azure" - Enver Khabadze. The ensemble was originally composed by professional dancers.

The first concert took place in 1992, which had brilliant success. Famous choreographers of Georgia noted the individual style and the perfect technique of execution, and the ensemble immediately gained the name of the creative team of the high class. In the shortest time he became the winner of many prestigious international festivals. After the death of Envera Khabadze, the artistic director of the ensemble was his student, Honored Art Worker of the Ajarian Autonomous Republic, the Cavalier of the Order of Honor, the honorable resident of Batumi, Teimuraz Bolkvadze, who duly continued the path of the great maestro.

Since 2011, the main choreographer of the ensemble has become a famous dancer and choreographer, Cavaler of the Order of Honor, Shalva Gogouadze, who built the ensemble for a new, high performing arts. Choreographers - former dancers of the ensemble, Honored Artists of Ajarsoy AR Miranda Bagdadiishvili and Nugzar Mikadze.

In different years, the ensemble toured in Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Syria, Bulgaria, Armenia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, China. In December 2014, the ensemble performed in the concert hall of the Ukraine Palace with the world-famous virtuoso musician-performer Vasily Popadiuk and his orchestra, and won the love and enthusiasm of the Ukrainian spectator. And in 2015, the ensemble has visited Ukraine for the second time as an honorary guest at the anniversary concert of the National Honored Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after them. P.Pirsky, where his performance "Batumi" was especially noted by well-known choreographers of the world.

In 2016 he won GRAN PRIH at the folk dance festival in Latvia, and in March 2018 GRAN PRIÕ at the 73rd festival "FLORE" Italy.

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