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In the year of its 70th anniversary, the Odessa Academic Theater of the Musical Comedy. M. Vodyanogo represents the legendary operetta, staged in 1956 on our stage and became a visiting card of the theater. "White Acacia" for the Odessa musical comedy - as "Seagull" for the Moscow Art Theater.

"The idea of the White Action" arose in May 1954, when I. Dunaevsky arrived in Odessa with the libretists Vladimir Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky. "We walked along the streets and dreamed of," recalled I. Grinshpun. - They dreamed of a new operetta, even found a courtyard where the action will take place. The old Odessa courtyard, many neighbors, where everyone shares the sorrows and joys that occur in each family ... So it was born ... "White Acacia." We expected it with impatience, because it was "Odessa material" ... From the very first days of our arrival in Odessa, so hospitable we accepted it, we wanted to devote a performance to this city, many times sung, romanced. " In Odessa, romance was always personified by the sea and sailors, and in the 1950s the main sea heroes were whalers. Departure to the flight and return from the Flight fleet "Glory" collected not only relatives and friends in the port and on the Primorsky Boulevard, but tens of thousands of people eager to see this magnificent spectacle with their own eyes. Unlike official dates, there were truly popular festivals. Therefore it was the whalers who decided to make the heroes of the new operetta ". (A. Galyas "Today and Forever")

In 1957, the film was shot, which on May 12, 1958 came out on the screen, after which "the theater broke into the leaders of its art form. Mikhail Vodyanoy became the one whom in olden times was called the "favorite of the public". And Tony's song about Odessa became at first informal, and from August 25, 2011 - the official anthem of the city. This song forever "akin to" the voice of Idalia Ivanova ... "

The legendary operetta, the stellar composition of the artists (5 Ukrainian folk artists), the stunning music of Isaak Dunaevsky and the heady aroma of the white acacia - all this awaits our viewers!

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