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Why is it worth going to the play "The White Crow"?

1. The first Ukrainian rock opera.
2. On the stage of the Rivne Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater, it was first performed by the orchestra.
3. The performance is the winner of the festival "Ternopil Theater Evenings: Debut 2017" in several nominations.

The Rivne Musical-Drama Theater invites you to the play "The White Crow". Bright production, live sound, accompaniment of the orchestra and stunning actors will conquer you!

"The White Crow" tells of the Orleans Virgin, Joan of Arc. Bold and young, she was able to break the course of the history of his native France. Her inner strength nourished the minds and hearts of contemporaries, fomenting the fire of freedom in the minds of everyone. The courage and opposition of a fragile girl to powerful rulers eradicated the indifference of many people.

Jeanne d'Arc's actions have been shown to everyone: the "white crow" - the role is not easy. But it is even more difficult to remain a "white sheep" with a white soul, pursue bright goals, have pure thoughts and hands, be pious.

The director of the play is Maxim Golenko.
The roles are performed by Oksana Murina, Stanislav Lozovsky, Natalya Boyarska, Viktor Yanchuk and others.

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