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Besketnik Timofey

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Timofey, a naughty goose, keeps Olena awake. The girl does not want to play with the goose because of her laziness. Due to a lack of attention, Timofey goes in search of adventure, but on the way he encounters obstacles and thieves. Seeing that Timofey has disappeared, Olenka and her friends go in search of him. Of course, children and adults help the girl. This is an interesting game with songs and real adventures in a fairy forest!

Will Olena manage to get some sleep? Will the Goose be saved from the treacherous fox?

It depends only on you, our dear viewers!

During the performance, children and adults will interactively, together with the main characters, save the caterpillar Timofey, help the Hedgehog to get his house back, and even re-educate the Fox-the-Razbyshaka!

The play is intended for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Children under the age of 3 inclusive are admitted accompanied by their parents without providing a separate seat.

Each spectator over the age of 3 must have a separate ticket (both children and adults)!

Project of the theater "Guardians of Fairy Tales"

Project team:

Director - Ihor Fedirko

Actors - Yulia Shapoval, Volodymyr Grabovskyi, Anna Sedova

Producer - Roman Kostin

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