Homelessness. Version

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The play "Homelessness. Version" in Kyiv. The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents a production in the genre of the tragic farce "Homelessness. Version".

1. The famous classic story in a modern reading.
2. Deep feelings and real feelings: no one will remain indifferent.
3. A sincere game of brilliant actors.

The play "Homelessness. Version" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater to stage a tragic farce based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky, "Homelessness. Version". Vivid emotions, unstoppable feelings and a great play of actors are the key to an unforgettable evening in the theater.

On the stage of the Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy – the tragic farce "Homelessness. Version"

Famous to lovers of the classics, the image of Larisa Ogudalova, a damsel, is now in the author's reading of the director Tamara Trunova. The plot focuses on the story of the unhappy love of a young girl whose heart belongs to shipowner Sergey Paratov, although three more boyfriends also fight for the sympathy of the poor beauty.

Showing mutual feelings for Larisa, Paratov, however, is forced to urgently leave. Larisa is confused and as a result agrees to marriage with the official Karandyshev. But suddenly Paratov returns to the city ...

Director – Tamara Trunova.

The language of the performance is Russian.

Duration – 2 hours 40 minutes.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Homelessness. Version" in Kyiv?

Get tickets right now for the play "Homelessness. Version" at the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater you can using the online service Concert.ua.

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