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09.11 - 16.11 Events: 3
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Why should you go to a concert of the band BEZ OBMEZHEN in Europe?

1. The brightest rock romantics of Ukraine.
2. Special program of the team's charity tour.
3. Courageous music and sincere lyrics: favorite songs performed live.

Incredible BEZ OBMEZHEN with loud concerts

This is already the second part of a big concert tour in support of Ukraine!

"BEZ OBMEZHEN" is one of the most popular rock bands of Ukraine. The guys collect thousands of halls in cities and millions of listens on music platforms. Winners of music awards: M1 Music Awards, Golden Firebird.
The band's songs instantly become hits and occupy the first places in the charts. Among them: "Zori lit", "Tonu", "Heroes", "No way without her", "November", "Free people" and others.

From the first days of the war, "BEZ OBMEZHEN" have been volunteering and performing concerts in front of military personnel and residents of cities liberated from occupation.
The group went on a charity tour "BE BRAVE LIKE UKRAINE" to tell the world about what is happening on Ukrainian lands.
The concerts will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. The funds collected at the concerts will go to help the Ukrainian military, as well as people affected by the war.

A series of concerts as part of the Be Brave Like Ukraine charity tour: don't miss the performance BEZ OBMEZHEN

Unlimited creative artists will present a special program in European cities. The band's most famous and new songs will be performed live, containing a wide range of moods and emotions - from tenderness to crazy drive.

Where to buy tickets for the band's concerts BEZ OBMEZHEN in Europe?

For tickets to concerts of the band BEZ OBMEZHEN in Europe, contact Concert.ua.

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BEZ OBMEZHEN. Be brave like Ukraine. ON BIS!

09 November 2022 20:00

Gdansk (Poland), Klub Muzyczny Parlament

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from 23 EUR

BEZ OBMEZHEN. Be brave like Ukraine. ON BIS!

15 November 2022 20:00

Warsaw (Poland), Progresja

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from 26 EUR

БЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ. Be brave like Ukraine

16 November 2022 20:00

Rzeszow (Poland), Klub Pod Palma

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from 19 EUR