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Why is it worth going to a concert of the band “Without EXCHANGES”?

1. On stage, real men who win hearts with the sincerity of songs and the ability to frankly share their feelings.
2. Each performance “NO EXCHANGE” is a crazy flow of energy and emotions that are difficult to describe in words.
3. From the first chords they start the audience and do not let go of their captivity until the very end of the performance.

Hurry up to the wonderful mood and atmosphere of romance!

Heroes of the band’s songs are rarely happy, but listeners all the time like it. Perhaps this is the secret to the long-awaited success. Indeed, the “WITHOUT AN EXCHANGED” group has been going on for recognition for over 10 years.

At first, the musicians were guided by samples of Western music and even translated their name into English. However, real success came to them precisely when they returned to their language and to their roots.

Anyone who has lost his love can be saddened by lyric melodies, one who is looking for will gain faith that he will find very soon, and everyone else will choose places for kisses and hold hands tightly, immersed in an atmosphere of romance and sensuality.

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07 March 2020 19:00

Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy

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from 8 EUR


07 March 2020 21:30

Odesa, Sady Pobedy

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from 15 EUR