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Why go to the play "Teddy: Impossible"?

1. Contemporary production of Ukrainian classics.
2. The most staged play by I.K. Karpenko - Kary.
3. The play about love and betrayal, zeal and crazy acts that are inherent to us Ukrainians.

"VITRYAK" will present a new quality in order to tell a story that is well-known to everyone, but not fully disclosed.

"Teddy: Impossible" in the production of director of Basil Viter - performance of close-ups. Perhaps you will think that this is again the theater in trousers and embroidered shirts with endless monologues, BUT if it were not! In our spectacle, the main thing is a story that is close to everyone. The story of love, betrayal, jealousy, inflammatory actions and no less insanely energetic. It was written more than 130 years ago, but the theme of the play is eternal and relevant to this day. The show has dances, plastic sketches, kisses, and fights. Also during the development somewhat interesting was found about the author of Ivan Karpenko-Kary, and in particular about some connection, an analogy of characters with real people. Performers are directors, they are members of the creative association "VITIYAK".

You can write a lot, but to accept it with all the senses - you just have to see. The spectacle takes place in the center of Les Kurbas. A small playground will make the air more viscous and allow the heroes to be seen in close-ups. The viewer notices the details, hears the breath of the actors and can empathize with 100 percent.

Tickets are sold without seats. Landing is free. Therefore it is worth coming 20 minutes before the start.

Directed by Vasyl Viter.
About the "VITRYAK" - Once a group of people came together with their ideas and now it has resulted in CREATIVE ASSOCIATION. WE - different generations. Everyone studied at the university. I.K. Karpenko - Karya. It's interesting that we are all directors. Everything is individual, everyone is in control and everyone knows !!! It's already interesting how it will be. What is it for VITRYAK? "Windmill" can do many things from its rotation. He can grind grain and from it will be the first grade flour. Even our "Vitryak" produces crazy energy, which will share with you, dear spectator!

The first sketches of this drama under the heading "Who is to blame" Ivan Tobilevich wrote before the exile. Long lay a piece of paper on the bottom of his suitcase. As long as Mikhail Staritsky, after visiting Tobylevych in exile in Novocherkassk, did not encourage him to write for the Ukrainian theater. However, the General Directorate of the Censorship Committee of the Russian Empire prohibits the production of "Who is to blame" on the stage in 1885. After a few remakes of the play, she received the title "Tackle". However, when Nikolai Sadovsky discovered the long-awaited permission for a poster, he saw that instead of "Ineligibility" was written "Fat". It happened on January 17, 1887. "Trash" was first put up by Mark Kropivnitsky, and later by Nikolai Sadovsky. After separating the Coryphaeus theater into three independent corps, Ivan Tobilevich himself was going to put this play: "Not so much ethnographically as the great drama of Love." However, the intention of the great playwright was not feasible. "Trash" - the most popular and most staged play by Ivan Karpenko-Kary in the theater. Staged for various generations of Ukrainian viewers. Played not by one generation of Ukrainian actors.

It is time and we have to touch this great creation.

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