The nameless star

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The creative collective of the Kiev Classical Art Alternative Theater invites to the play "Nameless Star". Be sure to come to see an excellent romantic comedy performed by the brilliant actors of the famous theater.

The play "The Nameless Star" - KHATovsky original continuation of the story, based on the play of M. Sebastian and the eponymous film by M. Kozakov. The premiere show took place in September 2015. The play immediately attracted the attention of the public and received a lot of positive reviews of critics.

As was to be expected, the production of the "Nameless Star" by the actors of the KhAT is fresh and unusual. And the unconventionality of the director's decision lies in the fact that the author's personal life, its main events, have found their authentic impression in the modern production.

Love. At all times this feeling remains strong and independent. Is it because the fate of the heroes of the last century is a modern embodiment and still exciting for the viewer. A graceful comedy, presented at a special angle by the directors of the KhAT, will surprise with unusual finds and ambiguous interpretations of typical, at first glance, roles. Subtle psychologism, a touching game, a meaningful depth fill the performance with irresistible charm and just do not allow the viewer to take his eyes off the stage. "Nameless Star" is a delicacy for the sophisticated!

Waiting for you!

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