Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

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How many generations grew up in this wonderful fairy tale written by Grimm's brothers many years ago!

Her story is well-known to everybody from childhood: she was a princess Snow White, who had an evil stepmother-queen. The stepmother considered herself the most beautiful woman in the world, and was angry when she found out that her stepmother was better than her. An insidious stepmother decided to get rid of her rival, having ordered the hunter to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. But the hunter's hand did not rise to the innocent girl - he let White Snow, leaving her alone in a terrible forest.

Wandering through the woods, Snow White stumbled upon a house where seven dwarves lived and married with them. Upon learning of this, stepmother, dressed in an old beggar, got to the house of the gnomes, caught the Snow White and treated her with a poisoned apple. The girl tasted a piece and fell as dead. But the fairy tale would not have been a fairy tale if it were all over. Snow White will awaken from the eternal sleep a kiss of a beautiful prince ...

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