German circus Black and White

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Why should you go to the German Circus show Black and White?

1. The Ukrainian public will see the program, which applauds the world viewer.
2. The scale and plot of the show will delight even the most demanding.
3. Show Black and White - the incredible harmony of opposites.

For the first time in Ukraine! Meet: the modern German circus Black and White with a grand innovative show! Catch bright emotions and absolutely new impressions!

Circus artists from Germany will perform in Kyiv as part of a world tour. The Ukrainian public will be able to appreciate the powerful show that broke the applause around the world.

Black and White is a program filled with breathtaking stunts and super modern special effects. At some moments it may seem that this does not happen. But German artists really work at the limit of human capabilities. And it is impossible not to admire it.

Super sound, stunning light is only part of the show. Its main participants, of course, will be talented clowns, brave acrobats, virtuoso stuntmen, animal artists. The "highlight" of the circus is its multinationality. Colombian artists will appear on the stage, surprising the audience with the most complex jumps. And the Mexican will risk his life, climbing to a height of more than 15 meters!

Open to the new and the unusual! See you!

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