Blissful Island, or So Guska Perished

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Why should go to the play "The Blessed Island, or So Guska Perished"?

1. Look at the interpretation of the play with elements of symbolism.
2. To understand that cleansing with laughter is no less effective and useful than cleansing with tears.
3. To get acquainted with the lost play of the famous Ukrainian playwright Mykola Kulish.

"The Blessed Island, or Huska Perished So" in the interpretation of the Theater "Wheel" - a performance that is worth watching. This performance received 3 awards of the Theater Festival "Ternopil Theater Evenings. Debut".

Interestingly, the performance is based on the lost play of Nikolai Kulish. The author intended to write a work at school, but took it only in 1925. The play was immediately appreciated by many theaters, but for some reason then the original text was lost. Only after the death of the playwright - already in 1958 - one copy was found in Detroit. "So Guska Perished."

By the way, this is not about birds at all, but about the life of Savatiy Savovich Guski. The former official has one serious problem - seven mature unmarried daughters. One bridegroom appeared on the horizon - a Kiev student, SRs Pierre Kirpatenko. But is it possible to divide it one into seven potential brides?

We are waiting for you at the performance! The authors of the play will talk with laughter about the events that are traditionally served with grief in their voices.

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