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Theater 13 presents the play "Fight Club".

Genre: Love Story

I was born in the system.

By acquiring the label for the label, false values, following the programs "from the outside" - I gradually became part of it. The system shaped me the way it needed me, not the way I wanted to be. My individualism is self-deception. I led a meaningless life, not understanding why I needed my work, home, things — all these attributes of false success.

It all started with Tyler. Tyler is my complete opposite. He helped me find meaning. The common cause awakened in me strong feelings for which I wanted to live. Strength, freedom, a feeling of fullness of life - Tyler gave me everything I did not know before.

But in fact, it all started with Marla.

And honestly, this is a love story ...

Age limit 18+

In the play there are scenes of smoking, violence, fights, as well as profanity. The performance is in Russian.

The performance is a participant in the Experimental Stage project, in which the roles are played by amateur actors of the Kiev Independent Theater 13.

Roles are performed by:
Jack - Alexander Resnick
Tyler Durden - Alexey Sokolov
Marla Singer - Maria Kucherenko
Robert Paulson - Maxim Ocheretnyuk
Mass scene actors:
Maxim Ocheretnyuk
Vadim Goldanov
Vlad Pilev
Boris Stanislavsky
Yury Kravchenko
Gregory Nastenko
Kosimjon Eshonkulov
Denis Osaulchik
Evgeny Snezhko

Denis Osaulchik
Evgeny Snezhko
Boris Stanislavsky
Yury Kravchenko

Director - Natalia Volchek
Choreography: Maria Kucherenko
Lighting Designer - Sergey Savelyev

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