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Bolero. Tango of fire and ice

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The performance "Bolero. "Tango of Flame and Ice" in Odesa will be held at the Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater.

Why should you go to the theater to the performance "Bolero. Tango of fire and ice" in Odessa?

  1. Two ballet productions in one evening is a great gift for the audience.
  2. Sophisticated choreography and melodic perfection.
  3. The best rest for the soul.

The performance "Bolero. Tango of fire and ice" in Odessa

Odesa Opera invites you to elegant ballet evenings! Your attention is "Bolero" by Maurice Ravel (choreography and libretto by Georgy Kovtun) and the tango performance "Tango of Fire and Ice" by the author's group of the Odessa Opera. One of the world's most famous ballets and a bright modern premiere will give you an unforgettable experience, don't miss it!

A magical symphony of movements and emotions on the stage of the Odessa Opera

In the program of the evening:
  • Ballet in one act "Bolero" (Maurice Ravel). The work, which has become a hallmark of many theaters around the world, was staged at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The choreographic history of Galatea was told by Natalia Barysheva and Mykhailo Petukhov. Georgy Kovtun added special features to the ballet, combining in the performance choreographic features characteristic of different regions of Spain. The uniqueness of ballet was also manifested in the experimental combination of color and movement. "Bolero" is a spectacular and passionate story of the relationship between a strong-willed woman and the men in love with her. The duration is 20 minutes.
  • Ballet event "Tango of Flame and Ice". The spectacular performance emphasizes the idea that even in times of war there is a place for dance in our lives. It allows you to relieve mental and physical stress and express your feelings. In the play, tango becomes a tool for finding the meaning of life for four characters. Everyone has a secret hidden deep in their heart. And when it is revealed to the viewer, the character becomes clear and in many ways similar to us...
Be sure to come and find something for yourself in the beautiful productions. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Bolero. Tango of fire and ice" in Odessa?

Tickets are already on sale online at Concert.ua.