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BROTHERS - a purely English comedy!

Young spouses Linda and Tom Curwood are preparing for a crucial step - an adoptive baby should appear in their family. They provided for everything: they prepared the house for Mrs. Potter's adoption inspector, learned safety regulations ... And everything would be fine - the Kerwoods are quite ready for such an important visit, if not for the two crazy brothers Tom Kerwood - Dick and Harry, who also decided to take an active part in the fate of a family wishing to take a child.

Their help every time goes to Tom sideways! One brings a bag with dismembered human bodies to Tom’s house, and the second - smuggling alcohol and cigarettes, and even a couple of refugees. Each trick of the brothers costs the elder big nerves, and the audience - laughter through laughter!

Translation - Boris Tukh
Director - Roman Fedoseev
The performance lasts 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission, in Russian.

Cast: Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Gerashchenko, Artem Muzychenko, Alexander Samusenko, Irina Bessarab, Bogdan Parshakov, Konstantin Kirilenko, Marina Klimova, Elena Golovina, Roman Fedoseev.

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