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The story is not about betrayal, not about the life trap, which got the main character. This story about the worst lie is a lie to yourself ... Will you be enough for a long time? ..

Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880-1951) - Ukrainian writer, politician, artist. Volodymyr Vynnychenko began writing from 1901. The most famous are his drama Great Milk, Sin, Law, Panna Mara, Black Panther and White Bear and others. They were successful in the countries of Western Europe, and in the 1920s and on the brink of the 1980s and 1990s in Ukraine. The "Lies" was first published in 1910, it was put up in Kyiv in 1911. In particular, one of the first performers of the role of Tosya was Les Kurbas.

Directed by Anna Kozyrytska

Artist-designer - Anna SOBOLEVA

The musical decision is Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Oleksandr KURIY

Artist from the light - Tatyana KYSLITSKA

The assistant director - Victoria NABERRIK

Special thanks for the help in creating the performance :.

Elvira Belytsya, artist;
Olesya Perepechhenko, Head of the Department of Social Rehabilitation of the Kyiv City Center for Social, Professional and Labor Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons;
Natalya DMITRUK, translator of sign language.

Actors and performers:

Andrew Karpovich, engineer - Konstantin KOSSISTIN, Sergey DETYUK
Natalia Pavlovna, his wife - Anastasia KARPENKO, Katerina SAVENKOVA
Karpo Fedorovich, his father - Vladimir MOVCHAN
Come on, his sister - Anastasia LOGVIN
Sanya, his sister - Lilia YATSENKO
Antin Mikhailovich (Tos) - Andrei SOBOLEV, Anton VAKHLIOVSKY
Ivan Stratonovich, assistant to Andrei Karpovich - Sergey KORSHIKOV, assistant. Artist of Ukraine Sergey KYASHKO
Pulcher, servant - Galina KORNEYEVA

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