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Why go to the Buerak concert?

1. Sarcasm, irony, absurdity - what modern indie youth lives by
2. One of the brightest bands of the so-called "young guitar wave"
3. Ability to hear the new album "Modest Apartments" live

Moving away from the cold post-punk, diluted with ironic lyrics, Buerak made a breakthrough in his musical sound.

Complicating the melodies, supplementing their songs with even deeper content and incorporating new instruments into their accompaniment, the band took on a new level of performance.

The repeated square of the melody, which has become a recognizable feature of the band, has grown into lengthy, romantic melodies that will leave a mark in your soul, after the first listening.

The new album was not without the usual irony, light sarcasm and absurdity, characteristic of our entire generation.

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