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Boombox. Again a triple

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Why go to the Boombox concert?

1. Melomania
2. Family Business
3. III

With the help of an electric turntable, guitar and vocals, they have fallen in love with millions of people and are forced to listen in 2018 to music written back in 2005.

For many years the collective has been giving us its simple and honest creativity. No falsehood, only frank emotions and feelings! Boombox is forever and truly. This time you are waiting for the performance of the original composition of the band. Only on April 20 and 21 live you will hear the first Boombox albums, most of the songs from which became real national hits.

Last time the program with "Melomania" and "Family Business" on the first day and "Family Business" and "III" in the second was announced. But the musicians entered into the courage and played on the first and second day all three albums. The group even received a complaint - the girl reproached them for buying tickets for both days, and they took and played all the songs. Therefore, now the collective will not announce what exactly they play on the first and second day, on April 20 and 21. Just know that the scene will go Khlyvnyuk, Roller and Fly, Igor will stand behind the panel, Alexei will shine, somewhere behind the scenes will be Arthur, Yura, Vova, Vitalik and Sogomonov. And you, of course, will be in the hall.

Come to the concert to sing with your favorite band songs, which grew and matured a whole generation

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