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In May and June 2019, Boombox will play for the first time a concert with the "Old Cultural Program" outside Kyiv.

The "Old Cultural Program" is a program with the material of the first three Boombox albums - "Melomania", "Family Business" and "III". On the stage, as in 2006, there were three musicians. An electric player, guitar and vocals sound.

In these albums, millions of people are in love, and only a few thousand in the spring and summer will be able to hear the live program in Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa.

May 19 - Lviv, Malevich concert arena
May 25 - Dnipro, Summer Theater
May 26 - Kharkiv, Art Factory Mechanics
June 28 - Odessa, Green Theater

Boombox has twice played this program in Kiev, each time there was not enough one concert, so announced double shows, but it did not help. The old-school program is the experience of previous soldiers, happy fan tears, categorical demands for immediate play "Bobik", "Nuts from Jamaica" and remember "Who we were."

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