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Buna - a performance from the theater "Practicum" based on one of the best plays by Vija Makovi. It is at the same time a local and universal story about the family, about the countryside, about Bukovina, about interesting archetypes of interesting land.

The cast of actors lived in the village for a month, watched locals and generations, who for ninety recorded authentic songs and traditions. These observations and achievements are embodied in the play.

This is a real story of one family, where buna ("grandmother" in Bukovinian dialect) and her granddaughter, live under the same roof, but live entirely in different worlds. This is a parable of an abyss between generations that move from extremes to extremes and do not try to listen to each other.

Buna educates her grandsire as she thinks fit, sometimes her actions are cruel and unjustified. The young girl decides to go abroad, in order to start a new life. But will the tree survive in a new place? What is national identity, tradition and culture in the modern world?

The show features live music and authentic songs from different regions of the country.

Director: David Petrosyan

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