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A stormy planet. Once during the Big Bang

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A stormy planet

Volcanoes, earthquakes - these catastrophic phenomena instantly destroy our notions of the inviolability of the earth's firmament. But it begins to move not only during these phenomena. The earth is in constant motion. And it's not just the rotation of the planet around the sun. The earth's crust is moving. Everywhere and always. What forces give movement to entire continents and force mountains to rise, changing the face of the planet? The show transports the viewer to the depths of the Earth, introducing the causes of volcanoes and earthquakes, the drift of continents.

  • Full-dome program Production: Ukraine Language: Ukrainian
  • Duration: 28 minutes
  • Year: 2018
  • Age: 9+

Once during the Big Bang

The Big Bang theory is now perhaps the only explanation for the origin of the universe. Our world arose from a point - a singularity, and has existed for almost 14 billion years. Modern technology and knowledge are still unable to look into the deep past and see the birth of the universe, and theories are based only on mathematical calculations and models. The film "Once upon a time in the Big Bang" reveals the amazing events of the birth of space and time. Join the journey in space and time, observing our universe from the state of a tiny dot in the beginning of time to its modern incredible size. Witness the Big Bang!

  • Production: 2014, India
  • Duration: 16 minutes
  • Age audience: 12+

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