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To be from below

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Why is it worth to visit the play Be from below?

1. Find out why this performance is uncomfortable for men.
2. Once again touch on the current topic of sexism, let the painful truth through yourself.
3. To succumb to doubts: is it time to get married?

To be from below on the stage of Freedom Hall in Kiev

A performance about women, for women, created by women. The male world insists on repeating archaic cliches: “You have to get married!”, “Only in marriage are you worthy and protected!”, “This is your destiny!”. But in order to become a wife, one must first learn to be a woman. At numerous trainings, you will be willingly taught how to eat / drink / speak, even walk and dress in order to find the desired “female happiness”. It is precisely at such courses that the heroines of Yulia Tupikina’s play “To Be From Below” come.

Spectators, along with the heroines, find out that not all motley advertisements are true. The play is about what annoys and pleases a modern Ukrainian woman, how she perceives men and her place in this world. We warn you that men at this performance can be uncomfortable!

Attention! performance 16+

Duration 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission

Author - Julia Tupikina, the play "Vertical Woman"
Director - Julia Moroz
Artist - Zhenya Tchaikovsky
Assistant Director - Valeria Kozyarenko
Video - Dima Zakhozhenko
Sound - Inna Bulbotko
Light - Rusan Berezovy
Producer - Yaroslav Kravchenko


Galina - Bogdana Shumanskaya (Golden Gate Theater)
Olya - Julia Litvinenko
Vera - Natalya Kobizka

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Buy tickets online at Concert.ua. Save valuable time. Delivery by courier is also possible.

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