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Why is it worth to go to the play "[email protected]" in Odessa?

1. Valentin Krasnogorov's play was successfully staged in different corners of the world.
2. The Dog is a unique and ambiguous work.
3. The performance will make you think about the present and perhaps overestimate the past.

The dramatic performance "Dog" in Odessa.

The Russian theater puts on a difficult and unusual play by Valentin Krasnogorov "Dog". Only three actors, and at the same time - incredibly deep meaningful content. The dramatic production was repeatedly staged on the stages of world theaters and gained wide public recognition. Come on, no one will remain indifferent

[email protected] statement: in search of human kindness.

The play's characters are Man, Woman and Puppy Bulk. The man brings the dog to the animal receiver to ... get rid of one. Yes, such is the life: you have to make a choice between work and pet. The schedule does not allow the husband to engage in puppies. And the only way out for him is to leave the dog at the point of reception. But the puppies will pop there ...

A separate emotional line in the play is the relationship between Men and Women. He represents a person at a crossroads, whose kind soul cannot calmly accept a difficult decision. Is she tough, unlovable ... unhappy?

It is a performance about fateful meetings and difficult human relationships. Staging makes many in their lives overestimate and think: do we know ourselves so well?

Director Howard Fishman on Valentin Krasnogorov's play: "Without a doubt, this is a difficult play - scratchy and delicate, scary and ambiguous."

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