Seagull (KHAT)

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Why should you go to the play "Seagull"?

1. Bright comedy production.
2. A completely unexpected reading of Chekhov.
3. A talented play of actors keeps your attention the whole performance.

The “Seagull” from the KHAT Theater is an absolutely original interpretation of A. P. Chekhov. The famous work has become a modern comedy-romance in two acts. Modern questions and eternal themes are organically intertwined, and classic romances sharpen this successful combination.

Interestingly, Chekhov's work in the reading of Khattsev gained success both among the older generation and among the youth. And the production is understandable both to the unprepared audience and experienced theater-goers with exquisite taste.

The plot captures and develops rapidly, which, however, does not prevent the revelation of the depth of Chekhov's images. You will get carried away so much that any gloomy thoughts, bad mood and feeling unwell will recede! For actors in this production, freedom of expression is especially attractive, and to the audience it guarantees a miracle. If you are ready for it, of course.

The performance includes classical Russian romances and music by P. Tchaikovsky.
Duration - 2.5 hours (with intermission).
"Seagull" is in the original language.
Directed by Katarina Sincillo and Victor Koshel (Honored Artist of Ukraine).