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Gull. Not Chekhov

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Finally, the long-awaited and long-promised premiere: "The Seagull. NOT Chekhov"
Only in the Theater "Masks of the Soviets"! The seagull is not only one of the symbols of freedom, but also the real name of the genius composer, the whole world like Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The figure of Tchaikovsky is one of the most powerful figures in world culture, closely associated with Ukraine. Tchaikovsky is one of the world's most famous composers. His only European composer was invited to the opening of Carnegie Hall. Descended from the Ukrainian Cossack family of Chaeks. The composer's great-grandfather Fyodor Chaika served in the Mirgorod regiment of the Zaporozhye Army. The composer's grandfather Peter, while studying at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, took the surname Tchaikovsky. The poet Yevgeny Grebenka, the author of the world famous romance "Black Eyes", also belonged to the Chaek family.

The return of Tchaikovsky's surname to Ukraine is, in our opinion, an urgent task of the Ukrainian society. Unique objects of cultural and historical heritage in Ukraine are also associated with the figure of Tchaikovsky: the von Meck estate in Kopylov in the Kiev region, Brailov in the Vinnitsa region, the town of Trostyanets in the Sumy region, Pole in the Cherkasy region.

We talk about the composer in the first person: honestly, frankly, without embellishment, without avoiding the complex issues of his life. which, of course, influenced his brilliant work.

Director Pyotr Mironov

Scenography by Pyotr Mironov
Starring Pyotr Mironov. Elena Raevskaya, Inna Goncharova
Based on the play by Inna Goncharova

Live sound, live vocals performed by the magnificent opera singer Elena Raevskaya, because she is the one who plays the opera diva Artaud