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Why is it worth going to a concert?

1. We will give a festive, Christmas mood to you and your family!
2. You will enjoy music from the most famous ballets of the composer - "Nutcracker", "Swan Lake" and others.
3. Tchaikovsky's lyrical romances are performed by Tatiana Anisimova.

Tchaikovsky Gala is the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale, Christmas and festive mood, one of the most beloved concerts of our public, which gives bright memories and a new year's anticipation.

Tchaikovsky's music has already become a symbol of Christmas holidays around the world. Well-known tunes from the ballets "Nutcracker", "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", covered with images from children's fairy tales, dreams of love and harmony, sound in one concert and leave an unforgettable impression!

This project was inspired and implemented through the work of People's Artist of Ukraine Hobart Earle. Each year the orchestra, together with the master, prepares a special present for the beloved listeners. This year it will be Tchaikovsky's romances performed by the folk artist of Ukraine Tatiana Anisimova.

To attend a traditional Christmas Tchaikovsky Gala concert is to give yourself a holiday and keep vivid memories in your life!

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