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Champagne Express show

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Champagne Express Show - New Year's Tale for Adults!

The Champagne Express show is the most amazing New Year's party with everyone you've been to. Express, which does not move, but for those who went in, the journey begins in time, passengers of different ages come alive, and you become a witness and even an accomplice to all the enchanting reincarnations and events !!! Edith Piaf, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe ...

With you there will be sixteen stories, and all this with the taste of champagne and delicious food from the restaurant. More than thirty famous actors, musicians, poets, dancers, circuses are waiting for you ...

The exclusive show will be a star coupe, where on various days you will be able to meet some of the famous stars such as Yuriy Rybchinsky, Pavel Zibrov, Viktoriya Vasalatii, Dima Kolyadenko ... and talk with them, and even drink a glass of sparkling wine.

And everything will start on the platform in the warm company with multifamily and artists. In this place, in this city, and probably nowhere, such an action was not yet. And it is unknown whether it will be. Do you agree to skip this?

20, 21, 22, 23 December 2017 at the Museum of Railway Transport. Large coupes are more like the hotel rooms of Austro-Hungary, and the oldest one is the 1910 issue!

Age limit: 18+

Beginning: 18:00 and 19:00

Duration of the show: 2 hours

Restaurant "For Two Hares" Restaurant

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