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New Year holidays are the time when the most incredible things happen! Time of miracles, transformations and true magic. It is under the New Year that we believe that our most precious dreams and hopes will come true. This is the time when a fairy tale comes to our house.

New Year's show "Magic fairy tale" will not leave any spectator indifferent. Neither a small nor an adult.

Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, as always in a hurry to their little friends, to arrange an unforgettable New Year's event. Together with them children are in a hurry Uncle Tike-Yes - an unsurpassed magician and wizard. He has a lot of tricks in the arsenal. However, it is unpredictable.

In fact, Titonka Estella and her niece Bertie interfere. They planned to cancel the New Year. Bertie does not want to have a new semester with the new year, because again she will have to go to school.

So they steal the key from the Magic New Year Clock and it stops. Uncle Tike-Taka, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden have very little time left to turn the key and set the clock.

So you will learn ... Can Uncle Tic-So his magic to save the New Year.

All performers of the magic fairy tale - professional actors: as Uncle Tik-Taka - illusionist Artem Moiseenko, a participant of the project "Ukraine Has a Talent", a member of the International Illusionists Society (IMS USA); In the role of Snow Maiden - unsurpassed Olena Mikhailova, participant of the project "X-factor".

Kids up to 5 years old are free entrance (without a separate seat, the child is sitting in the hands of an adult).

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