The magic book of Nicholas

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Saint Nicholas, or Nicholas the Wonderworker is considered the patron saint of children. This kind wizard on the night of December 18-19, comes to the house where there are children, and rewards them for good behavior in the past year, so all the children are looking forward to this meeting every year. But he will come to us a little earlier in order to congratulate everyone!

The Berezhniy Theater "Attraction" invites all the children to an incredible celebration of mercy, kindness, forgiveness and love for others "MAGIC BOOK NICHOLAS"

All polite children who come for the holiday will fall into the real magical atmosphere of a good fairy tale, where they can play and prepare for a meeting with St. Nicholas along with the cheerful Angelinka and her assistants - Angel Bells; overcome any obstacles and tests from the imp; together they can read the prayer of the Mother of God, help the Fairy of the Magic Night to light the way for Nicholas and fall into the magical land of goodwill and love. The play has many game moments in which all children take part.

It uses live sound (actors work with microphones) and a phonogram.

High quality sound and lighting equipment.

The duration of the performance is 50 minutes.

The performance is Ukrainian.

Children under 5 years old are free, but with an adult who must have a ticket for the performance.

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