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The Magic Chest of Desires

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New Year interactive show for children
The Magic Chest of Desires

If you and your children have secret desires and dreams, and you really want them to come true in the New Year, then you definitely need to get to where only once a year the Magic Chest of Desires is opened!

The Berezhny Theater "Attraction" offers you an incredible enchanting performance for the whole family!

All the kids in the foyer will be greeted by funny fairy-tale heroes, with whom children can chat, play, and even receive prizes for active participation.

And then all the children together with their parents will plunge into the magical atmosphere of the fairy tale, in which they can be not simple spectators, but participants in a fun fairy-game trip.

Children, along with the characters of Disneyland, the heroes of our cartoons and fairy tales and even with fantastic, fictional characters, must, under any circumstances, return the Magic Desire of Wishes. Only then will the New Year come, and all desires will be fulfilled.

The children will be delighted to help the kind characters of Mickey Mouse, Ginny, Kesha's parrot, Fey desires of dreams, Mike Vazovsky, and they will be able to laugh heartily from the menacing at first glance permafrost, and her aides Baba Yaga. It will not do without the help of superheroes puppy patrol. And, according to tradition, the New Year tree will be lit by Grandfather Frost along with the Snow Maiden.

The performance will help the kiddies, and perhaps adults, to understand that for the realization of a dream one should not doubt, but bravely overcome any obstacles and confidently go to the goal. And then the New Year will certainly open the magic chest of fulfillment of desires! ..

We invite you to the magic world of a New Year's fairy tale, which will be the best gift for the whole family!

The performance is in Ukrainian.

A live sound and a soundtrack are used.

Admission is free for children under 5 years with an adult who has a ticket. Performance for children from 2 to 8 years.

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