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Why should you go to the circus show "Magic Hat"?

1. Going to the circus is the best way to have a great time with the whole family.
2. The new program is an intriguing plot and breathtaking numbers.
3. Even an adult could not resist, he got the opportunity to look into the "Magic Hat"...

Odessa circus presents a new circus show "Magic Hat"! The magic of the circus, generating wonders in front of an astonished spectator - just do not miss it!

The creators of the new program invite everyone to visit the colorful world of the Magic Hat. What does everyone associate with a hat? Right! With spectacular tricks and incredible transformations! And knowing the creative potential of the circus team, it is safe to say: a grandiose show with many spectacular performances and unexpected surprises awaits the guests.

The program will be attended by light as feathers, gymnasts, brave equilibrists, virtuoso magicians and, of course, funny and funny clowns. And the children, probably, are especially eagerly awaiting the appearance on the arena of touching and stately animal artists.

The show "Magic Hat" - is bright numbers, talented artists, a magical atmosphere, lush scenery and modern technology. Get ready to watch with wide eyes!

The duration of the program is 2 hours.

See you!

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