Chekhov's motives

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Why go to the play "Chekhov's motives" from "Theater on Tea"?

1. Favorite Chekhovian characters in the new interpretation.
2. Unexpected outcomes of familiar works.
3. A talented play of actors.

The premiere of the play "Chekhov's motives" was held in 2016. And since then with success goes to the "Theater on the Tea". Directed by Alexander Onishchenko based on the production of two works by Irish playwright Brian Frill.

The famous writer of the 20th century used Chekhov's motifs in both of his plays. The first part of the performance is Frill's play "Resort Fun". Connoisseur of creativity A. P. Chekhov easily learns here the story of a lady with a dog.

All the same end of the 19th century, the same Yalta, the same holiday romance, which suddenly grows into true love. Only now we will hear the thoughts of the heroes, which will help to penetrate deeper into their inner world. The second part is based on the play "After the Curtain". One-act work refers to the latest in the work of Frill.

The author confronts two characters of A.P. Chekhov - Sonya from "Uncle Vanya" and Andrey from "Three Sisters". Older heroes are found in the 1920s in a cheap Moscow canteen. The emotional load of old memories weighs on them so far. The genre of "Chekhov's motives" is a tragic comedy, so there will be a place for laughter and tears.

Cast: Oleg Simonenko and Elena Yuzvak. The performance is subject to an age limit of 15 years. Waiting for you!

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