Chemny Ya. Part 2. Country of talent

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Finally! Finally! The New Year is coming!

All children are preparing for the holiday, decorating the Christmas tree, expecting Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden. But this year, so many letters have been sent with wishes that Grandpa barely has time to prepare for and he needs very much-loving and merry assistants. So, the competition for the best assistant was announced!

That's why our renowned assassins, Kevin and Vicki, have decided this year to go on a trip on their Il-86 aircraft to Grandparent Moroz and compete for the title of "The Most Talented Assistant".

A fun New Year's adventure awaits you, which also teaches the child of friendship and proves that absolutely every child is unique and something is necessarily talented! And our mother Ukraine is a real country of talent!

Make it a happy pass to meet Grandfather Frost!

Our crew is waiting for you, and Grandfather Frost with Snow Maiden will please all tasty gifts!

The most original interactive entertainment show in Kyiv aboard the IL-86 is waiting for you, as well as tricks, trained dogs, grown dolls, aquamarine for all kids, sweet gifts, memorable souvenirs, live video broadcast of the show in the cabin for parents, a lot of positive, good mood and unexpected surprises.

Each ticket also gives the right to a free visit to the State Museum of Aviation.

Each guest will be able to take a photo in memory of the aircraft's helmet, as well as a photo of his beloved heroes and Grandfather Moroz with Snow Maiden.

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