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Championship of Ukraine on bodybuilding, fitness and fitness bikini

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Why should you go to the Ukraine Championship in bodybuilding, fitness and fitness bikini?

1. A large number of professional athletes
2. Famous participants and judges
3. Opportunity to get acquainted with such a sport as bodybuilding and fitness

On November 3 and 4, 2018, the Kiev Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness will hold the Bodybuilding Championship of Ukraine, Mens the Physicist, Body Fitness and Bikini in the hall of the KPI House of Culture.

The main purpose of the competition: the development of the sport and its popularization in the state.

Ukrainian Championship 2018 - All-Ukrainian competition, athletes come from all over Ukraine. Athletes will be judged by international and national category judges according to the rules of the National Bodybuilding Federation of Ukraine and the International Bodybuilding Rules IFBB.

The following categories will be presented:
- Male bodybuilding up to 75 kg, up to 80kg, up to 90kg, up to 100kg and over 100 kg;
- Classic bodybuilding up to 175 cm and over 175 cm;
- Junior bodybuilding absolute category and juniors classic bodybuilding absolute category;
- Men fitness;
- Women fitness up to 163 cm and more than 163 cm;
- Male physicist up to 176 cm, up to 182 cm and over 182 cm;
- The body fitness of a woman is up to 163 cm, up to 168 cm and over 168 cm;
- Women - the absolute category physicist;
- Fitness bikini up to 158 cm, up to 160 cm, up to 162 cm, up to 164 cm, up to 166 cm, up to 169 cm, up to 172 cm and over 172 cm;
- Junior fitness bikini up to 166 cm and over 166 cm;
- Juniors physicist absolute category;
- Wellness;
- Masters fitness bikini.

More than 350 athletes from all over Ukraine are expected.

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