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The only improvisational show in Ukraine. Live game that turns into a new and unique work created right on the stage in front of the audience with their participation.

Frankly and easily about the hidden things, about relationships, about love, about sex.

Exciting all situations, heart-to-heart talks, filled with jokes and humor.

Spectators set situations and roles, and actors realize the idea.

"Star guests" and the audience participate in improvisation on stage on a par with actors.

Each next performance is an intrigue, every new guest is a surprise, but all together is a guaranteed evening in a pleasant company.

Among the presenters are actors, TV presenters, musicians, singers, dancers, sportsmen, politicians and many others.

The participants of the improvisations have already visited: TV presenters Alexander Pedan, Vyacheslav Solomka, Ivan Gorodetsky, Igor Popasyko and Nikita Dobrynin, ex-soloists of the Real O group Lina Mitsuki and Jan Solomko, participants in the duet Anna Maria, the title "The strongest man in the world "Vasily Virastyuk, TV hostess Rosa Al-Namri, showman Andrey Jejula, comedians Nikolai Atanov and Andrei Kolmachevsky, actresses Olesya Vlasenko, Irina Sopronina, Katerina Kolesnik and Yuliya Gavrilova, radio presenters Slava Demin and Oleg Dmitriev, winner of the TV show" Voice of the Krainy "Pavel T tanks, singers Arsen Mirzoyan, Lalique, Vladimir Dantes and Julia Kavtaradze, dancer and singer Amador Lopez, a culinary expert Vincenzo Barba, designer Jean Gritsfeldt and many others.

For the first time in Ukraine, viewers are offered an analogue of the Broadway legendary improvisational shows. The history of this genre is more than 50 years old. Since the 80s, improvisation has become the most popular and sought-after theater genre in the United States. And this is what we heard and saw in the cinema, appeared in Kiev.

Live together with us, play with us - and everything will be fine with us!

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