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Guys don't dance striptease

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They are: a special forces officer, a thug, a musician and a bankrupt businessman. Each of them is worthy of the best, but life has developed as it has developed. Each has its own fate, its own tragedy. They have no job, no money.

Their only hope is an elite male striptease show, which you still have to get into. None of them had done anything like this before, it’s scary and funny at the same time, but this is their last chance - to get the opportunity to earn good money, and at the same time to prove to others and to themselves that there is nothing impossible, the main thing is to want badly!

While the four notorious men learn to move more or less correctly and at the same time throw off their clothes, the hall will suffocate with laughter.

Sitting in the auditorium, we laugh and genuinely worry about our heroes, and with each passing minute we are getting closer and closer to the denouement of events. The finale of this unusual story is an enchanting show, it bears a charge of emotions, passions and mad love for her, for a woman, and women are very helpful enough, to tears, to laugh colic. Even, perhaps, more useful than to look at the naked man.

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