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Christmas Dreams - a Christmas show for children

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Why go to the Christmas Dreams for children?

1. See an incredible fairy-tale show - with an original script, light costumes, modern special effects and music.
2. Have fun with the animators and take pictures with the heroes of the show.
3. Visit one of the most fashionable hotels in the country Premier Palace, where the atmosphere itself is saturated with the holiday.

Do you know where dreams lead? Of course, at the Premier Palace Hotel! After all, only there you will see the festive legend - the play "Christmas Dreams".

Do you think that modern children are no longer surprised? You are mistaken! A fascinating interactive show - with impressive special effects, light costumes and modern music - will definitely amaze your imagination!

New Year's performances at the Premier Palace Hotel have already become a Kiev tradition: invariably bright and new every time. This year, viewers will travel to Queen Morocco to save Christmas!

Trolls, along with the evil queen, stole the dreams and gifts of all the children on the planet! Only the girl Alice can return them. But the problem is that it has grown and no longer believes in fairy tales. This means that it can no longer escape from adult reality and again fall into the land of miracles. The only ones who can help Alice are Santa, elves and spectators!

How will this story end? Depends on you! We promise - it will be interesting to everyone: both children and adults. After all, it's never too late to dream!

And even more so in the company of professional dreamers from Bright Events. Over 10 years, our performances at Premier Palace were visited by 80 thousand spectators. Have you not been to our shows yet? Then by all means come to "Christmas dreams"! Moreover, in addition to the performance, they are waiting for you:
- Animation program at the beginning of the show
- Sweet gifts
- Photo with heroes as a keepsake
- Face painting

Children under three years old have free admission. Without the right to occupy a separate place.

The performance is in Ukrainian.

Gifts are not included in the ticket price.

Come to the Christmas Dreams show. We promise - it will be interesting to everyone: both children and adults! After all, it's never too late to dream.

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