Christmas Jazz Songs. Sinatra

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Marco Concert continues the series of New Year's concerts "Christmas Jazz Songs". December 26 at the House of Architects the National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine will perform hits of the inimitable Frank Sinatra.

Francis Albert Sinatra is an American singer, actor, film director, producer and showman. Eleven times he won the Grammy Award. Famous for the romantic style of singing songs and "velvet" timbre of voice. Sinatra is considered to be the standard of musical style and taste, the songs in his performance have become classics of variety and swing style and have become vivid examples of the variety and jazz style of singing "kruing". Not one generation has been brought up on its bewitching voice.

The National Academic Brass Band is one of the leading musical groups in the country. The active concert repertoire of the orchestra includes all musical genres - from classical to jazz. The genre variety of concert programs is a characteristic feature of the collective, which emphasizes its artistic uniqueness.

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