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Wonderful games on the roof

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Why is it worth going for the play "Wonderful games on the roof"?

1. To visit in a real winter fairy tale.
2. Survive all the adventures along with the main heroes.
3. Get a positive emotional charge.

Children's fairy tale based on the fantastic story "Easy Steps" by Russian writer and scriptwriter, author of "Two Captains" by Venyamin Kavirin.

This is the story of Nastya's girl who went without a coat, despite the fact that there was a severe cold winter in the yard. The heroine has seriously stated that it consists entirely of snow. Even if she was a Snow Maiden, she would have to melt in the spring days. And this is absolutely not like the protagonist - Petka...

Posted by Venyamin Kavierin
Director: Dmitry Gusakov
Actors: Vitaliy Azhnov, Anastasia Babiy, Vitalina Bibliv, Bogdan Builuk, Tetyana Hubry, Vladislav Pisarenko, Andriy Polishchuk, Inna Skorina-Kalaba

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