Performance Aliens. Theater of the ears

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Why is it worth to go to the play of strangers?

1. Visit the first in Ukraine "Ear Theater".
2. You are blindfolded and made to feel.
3. Give yourself a unique evening in the theater.

The play "Aliens" is a sharp-social tragicomedy that pulls into the world of God deep reflections familiar to every adult.

An adult is someone who sometimes knows how to be a child.

Laconic images, universal symbols, such human nonideality. Elena writes about each of us.

After many years of disembodied attempts, couples finally appear twins. You have to re-learn to love yourself in order to be able to love eternally screaming children.
But it's worth it.

Ruslana Rudaya (actress of the Puppet Theater, Tea Theater)
Oleg Fendyura (actor of the Theater on Tea).

Violin by Mariam Zoloeva
Accordion - Rostislav Kryachun
Cello - Anastasia Slubskaya

Director - Ruslana Rudaya

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