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Now the Kyiv Planetarium is playing an orchestra!

This is an unusual, extraordinary, musical and science-pop show featuring the orchestra of the Eclectic Sound Orchestra. Thanks to the combination of orchestral music and spherical projections on the dome of the Kiev planetarium, there is a complete immersion in the aestheticism of audio-visual images.

The powerful sound of a live orchestra, combined with electronic samples and a bit, reveals new faces of both classical and modern melodies. This is a show that will "keep" the final chords thanks to contemporary interpretation and the use of expressive artistic and technical capabilities. Only in our show are the works of Bach, Mozart with contemporary masterpieces of cinematic compositions Zimmer and Williams.

Performers Eclectic Sound Orchestra (ESO) - a new unique orchestra that is gaining popularity in Europe. Founded in the basis of the ensemble philosophy of eclecticism, allowed to achieve a fundamentally new sound, taking into account modern requirements for music.

The orchestra of Eclectic Sound Orchestra qualitatively differs from any other "traditional" orchestras. The diverse genre of music and the use of digital technology has made the Eclectic Sound Orchestra a groundbreaking and versatile orchestra for any contemporary show business needs.

By visiting the Star Sounds show, you will not only get extraordinary aesthetic pleasure, you will also be able to "see" the music in the projections of one of the largest planetarians in Europe.

Music producer of the show and conductor - Sergey Likhomanenko
Composers and arranger: Yevgeny Jacque, Yuriy Yatsyuk, Valery Finikopoulo, Vlad Solodovnikov

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