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Why go to the circus academy Circus Academy gala show?

1. Get unforgettable impressions from world-class rooms.
2. To plunge into the colorful world of circus, illusion, pantomime.
3. To lift to itself and to native mood in the company of cheerful clowns.

The gala show of the Circus Academy of Circus Academy in Kyiv is a solemn and long-awaited event that will take place at the National Circus arena of Ukraine. The best graduates of the Academy will show you their skills and talents. Do not miss!

Acrobats and jugglers, equilibrists and aerial gymnasts will take part in the festive program. Conquer the imagination of the mysterious illusionists. And clowns-merry people will not allow to miss a minute. And, of course, interesting surprises await all spectators!

Circus Academy is the only educational institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe where the variety and circus performers have been preparing for more than half a century. The names of graduates of the Academy are in the lists of winners of prestigious Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals. The gala show will be attended by artists whose skill and talent are undeniable, and courage and agility are unattainable for many of us. See you!

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