Circus on ice

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Why should I go to the program "Circus on Ice"?

1. The aces of the circus show will show the real class on the arena.
2. The trained animals will impress your imagination.
3. The intense show program will be the brightest impression of this season!

A hot summer often with nostalgia is remembered a wonderful winter season. But the seasons go their own way, to which no one can influence. Or not? Meet a piece of majestic winter amid the summer heat! In Odessa comes the "Circus on Ice"!

Already very soon the arena of the Odessa Circus will turn into a magical lake that has been frozen. And on its crystal and mirror surface, real miracles will begin! Virtuoso artists will show their superpowers, striking spectators with incredible skill. And on the ice come different animals, which sometimes are no less talented than people.

Each room will make you hold your breath and look at what is happening with real delight! You are waiting for amazing tricks, dynamic production and exciting program! Come to the "Circus on Ice" with your children, because summer vacations are not only a rest time, but also discoveries. Get a dose of impressions for the year ahead! We are waiting for you in the Odessa State Circus!

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