Circus on the water. Waterland

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This is a wonderful waterfall of emotions, in which you will plunge headlong! Difficult, very dangerous circus acts. Beautiful, designer, bright costumes. Creative decision of the director! Enchanting show for the whole family.

Modern equipment. 20-meter fountains, a pool with 170 tons of water, lighting and sound effects, ice screens - the show is equipped with the latest technology.

A unique in-kind transforming arena, changing the usual circus carpet to the watery surface, putting thousands of fountains under the circus dome throwing tons of fabulous rain, immersing the artists in an amazing atmosphere, captivating the spirit of both children and adults!

Here you will meet charming mermaids and conquer your heart with their unforgettable flight under the circus dome! You will get acquainted with an awkward boat-boatswain, magic seals and get on the pirate ship. Exotic animals will surprise you with their unique tricks! You will witness the struggle of the alligator with a man on land and under water, and the stars reflected in the water will tell you an amazing love story between heaven and earth! AND THAT IS NOT ALL! AQUA-ballet and laser show that will captivate your imagination!

Come, enjoy and be surprised! "CIRCUS ON WATER" is waiting for you!

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