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The arena of the circus "Kobzov" is the record-breaking! Winners of circus competitions, triumphs of the festival in Monte Carlo, champions of the Guinness Book of Records!

In a Programme:

Canoeists from Colombia. Seven fearless artists will line up in a pyramid and will pass on a rope without insurance under a dome of a circus. This number is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Wheel of Death. Very adrenaline number. A huge metal construction will test for strength and courage, and artists, and spectators. Each turn of the wheel is a threat to the life of the acrobat.

"Tesla show." A unique sight, which can be seen only in the circus "Kobzov"! Fragile girl conquers the ranks of five-meter lightning.

"Sphere of courage." The culmination of the extreme program "The Circus of Records": a motor show from the best artists of Latin America. Teamwork and complete trust are the basis of this issue. Crazy speed and dangerous tricks inside the metal ball - for this our extremists stood applauding at the best circus festivals in the world.

All tricks are performed without insurance! VZHIVUYU!

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