The legend of snow. Crazy bubble show

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Why is it worth going to the Snow Legend? Crazy Bubble Show?

1. See the show conquering Europe.
2. Become a member of a magical snow tale.
3. It is fun to spend Winter on Maslenitsa day with the whole family with the children.

LEGENDS ABOUT SNOW Fantasy Fairytale from Crazy Bubble Show! Family Show conquering Europe!

It may be true, or it may not ... It may have been, or it may not have been ...

Snow is a miracle! He makes adults return to childhood, gives children reckless joy. But where did he come from? When did it first fall? About this in the Snow Legend from Crazy Bubble Show.

A snow fairy tale told to children by Snegovichka and the Wandering artist-wizard: ... There were two twin brothers, and there were those brothers Lord of the sky and Lord of the sea. And the brothers argued, what is better, what is more beautiful, heaven or sea? And the King of the sea stood up to defend the sea, and the Lord of heaven came to the side of the sky, and everyone called for the help of fairies and space robots. And from dawn to dawn, they competed among themselves in the beauty of unearthly, in the power of magic, to resolve the dispute.

What will reconcile the Brothers? Maybe the snow will make them friends? Do you want to know? Come to the show! And you will become a participant in a fairy tale, feel the real magical snow and have fun playing with huge snowballs, you will see giant soap bubbles, sea fairies and glowing robots. Together with the Crazy Buble Show on the first spring day, we say: "goodbye, Winter, see you soon!"

From the authors: Crazy Bubble Show - soap bubble show that conquered the Czech Republic and Israel, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Germany, Turkey and Ukraine! More than ten artists participate in the performance, each of which copes with its role perfectly. Interactive games with children during the performance make young viewers full participants in the events. Illusions and tricks are created using modern technologies and equipment: projection devices, video images and lighting systems.

Recommended for children from 3 to 12 years.

The performance lasts 70 minutes without intermission

Children under 3 years old have free admission to the performance without a separate seat, in the hands of an adult

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